School ERP Software

Data management

The school management may involve well-managed data about educators, fee, exam, employees, students.

User-friendly UI

A nice classroom gateway is intended to participate educators, families and learners with an easy-to-use GUI.

Anywhere Accessibility

Administrators managing inventory or the students and teachers trying to access them.

Information Tracking

SMS/Email allows it easy for everyone to monitor participation, charge requests, review plans and more.

What is

School ERP Software?

School management software is a tool specifically intended to streamline the paperless administration of institutes and academic organization. It comprises of a variety of modules that significantly assist teachers and staff in keeping school documents, academic history, and other vital school data. The effective school management system functions as a unit for the distinct departments / functions and can be obtained from any place. Web-based school management software is the best way to handle a classroom in a successful, timely and structured route.

Education Simplified
Academic Backup
Personalizing Data

Our school management software works in an excellent operating system. Its exceptional design and the user-friendly system help to rank itself on top of the educational system software list. It has become the prototype for other software in this same domain. They follow our systematic simple but unique style, which is our great achievement. RiseoutWorld School ERP can be streamed in any famous browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. without creating any issues. The school ERP is platform-independent. The school management can easily access their accounts anywhere any time they require. The software can be accessed through a mobile app installed on smartphones, can access from anywhere.

RiseoutWorld school ERP is the premium school management system that works for maintaining the database storage of the school IT departments. It endures both external and internal system saturation without disturbing the school policies. It also preserves the privacy of the detailed data relating to its clients. The software has the capability to preserve huge data with a proper backup system. It’s a powerful management tool where you can add, update the entire school data, student’s information, staff information, marks, student and staff attendance, and many more. The powerful backup system allows the school management to take a backup of the important data on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

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Module's of School Management Software


Bio-metric Software – Card/Thumb Impression Based and Manual attendance system registers attendance of students by feeding it on the software

Fee Collection

school fees collection software where fees collected at cash counters can be managed on the ERP. Refunds, admissions and collection of student fees is managed through Admission and Fees Software.


It conducts every role linked to payroll — calculates salary, deducts income, calculates refunds and deductibles, produces pay slips, leaves plan and much more.


It maintains a roster of vendors and contact information so that institutes can achieve them whenever they need to. In addition, this module provides security stock alerts and reports on the purchase, consumption, issue / return and transaction of the stock item.


As the word suggests, school financial management software keeps expenditures in check. Functionality related to financial transactions is managed through this module of School ERP.

ID Card

ID Card Generator in Smart School ERP can be designed and created either horizontally or vertically specifically for students, staff and faculty. By just clicking the ID card print button.

Student Info

Administration of students at schools involve maintaining and organizing student data. School administration software manages student’s details and personal information.

Human Resource

It may also retain the employee profile with all required data–communication details, dependent data, educational details, job background, and more. This module can also be used to configure master configurations and keep record of staff operating hours, 


Library Management Software is powerful and easy to use. Librarians/Administrators can manage library data efficiently. Students can borrow books through a methodical.


Exam management software eases the task of examination processes in schools.Results can be published on a marks based system, grade based system and combination of both.


E-learning solutions make the teacher’s task very favorable. Instead of maintaining assignment content, study material, technical papers in a book or register,


By this feature, admin can add different academic years detail, about their active and inactive status. Thus, the admin can add the academic year start and end date along with its current status.