Lead Generation

Low Cost & Highly Targeted

Lead Generation

We create highly effective Google ads campaign to generate leads for different businesses like real estate, education, healthcare, financial services & more.

eCommerce Ads

We create highly effective Google search and shopping campaign along with re-marketing campaign to bring more sales from clients shopping sites.

Video Promotion

We also do YouTube video promotion with Google ads where we create video ads and laser target audience to bring more views, subscriber and traffic to site.

Mobile Apps Ads

Most of the businesses have a mobile apps, With Google Mobile apps campaign, we increase mobile Apps installation & engagement for our clients.


It’s crucial that your small to large business takes advantage of Google Ads or PPC advertisement to generate leads and sales. Paid advertisement is the number one choice for any business to get instant results from their business website. With PPC, gaining customers is easier than ever since people searching for your product or service will be directed straight to your website & you get a leads or sales. PPC advertisement is proven to be the best source of qualified leads & customer traffic, and we make the process hassle-free.


The benefits of PPC ads is that you have full control on your advertisement. You get customized audience option, full control on Ads content, budget, location and time. You just need a website, product or FB page. Select your targeting audience and add money to your account. Your ads will start showing to your targeting audience.

Of course! Everyone get equal opportunities in Digital marketing. Even with small budget, you can advertise your services or product. You just need better skill to manage & optimize your ads to get better return on investment.

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads, LinkedIn Ads these all are PPC advertisement. They charge for each clicks on your ads. Advertiser have full control on ads management, budget and Ads start running instantly.

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Search Campaigns

Search Campaign ads are available in Google Ad-words, Bing, yahoo ads.  These are highly converting ads as we target user intent. Show multiple information in ads to get highly relevant users on your site.

Shopping Ads

For retailers, these ads are very popular. These ads contain image, price and name of products. Highly converting. Supported on Google, bing, facebook.

Mobile Ads

Over the time, no of mobile users has increased tremendously and they spent more time on mobile than other media. It provide advertiser huge opportunity to sell their product and services.

Display Campaigns

Display campaigns are equally good for lead generation, sales and branding. Ads can be shown to wide audience list and audience can be targeted with demographic, interest, topic they are viewing etc.

YouTube Video Ads

YouTube is second largest search engine after google where millions of people view videos. You can promote your video in any YouTube video & also show banners.


A type of Display ads where you can show targeted ads (text, banners) to your website previews visitor. Its very effective in getting repeated customers/visitors and branding.