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VIP IVR number

Choose your IVR number from a pool of international and domestic, toll free and virtual phone numbers

Voice Message

Make your communication two ways with our advanced IVR and get their responses back in real time.

Missed Call Service

Get the service of completely web based application that enables you to get real-time missed call notification.

Toll free Number

Get your toll free number across all the networks with our 1800 and 1860 toll free number series for your business.

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IVR Software


In this rapid changing world, most business requires IVR services to help boost their services. We would like to draw your attention to us as we are an IVR solution provider company based in Noida. In this high time, explore the horizons of connectivity through voice communication on cloud. We offer a variety of features on IVR too. Following are some of the branches of our interactive voice response services.

Inbound calls
Outbound calls
IVR Automation

If you have called a customer support number before, you must have experienced Inbound Call IVR. You can use IVR to connect the dialer to the right department, send information via SMS and more. Inbound IVR systems are popularly used for customer support, order tracking and more.

IVR can be implemented for Outbound calls too. For instance, you can make automated calls with a pre-recorded message that will play when the person on the other end answers. You can use IVR to accept input from the customer. Outbound Call IVR is especially useful for feedback, surveys and COD confirmation.

Maneuver the customers to get the answers without the need for any assistance on the part of the agents or customer support team. A dynamic IVR system reduces the workload of the agents and lets them divert their attention to more pressing matters on one hand, and encouraging the customers to be self-reliant to independently solve their issues.


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Skill-Based Routing

Route the customer to the best – suited agent according to the level of expertise

Reports and analytics

Agent-wise Reporting and Call analytics everyday on a real-time basis

Business Hours

Define working hours and route all calls post that to the voicemails

Route calls

Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support etc. Give your customers the best experience